Negotiating Plea Deals

  • Facing The Consequences Of A DUI

    11 April 2018

    If you've been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (or DWI), you must take quick action to protect your rights. Your first priority should be getting in touch with a criminal defense lawyer since the consequences of being convicted of this crime are stiff. To learn more about what you might be facing for your DUI charge, read on. Will you serve jail time? That depends on a few details of your arrest.

  • What You Should Do If You Are Facing False Accusation Of DUI

    24 January 2018

    If you have been accused of DUI (driving under the influence), you should take the accusations seriously even if you believe you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest. Here are some tips for facing a false accusation of DUI: Don't Assume the Truth Will Set You Free If you have been falsely accused of DUI, one of the worst things you can do is to assume that you will be acquitted because you are innocent.

  • Can You Get Out Of A DUI, Despite There Being A Witness?

    19 November 2017

    Getting charged with a DUI offense could result in more than just a suspended license or a fine. Think jail time, job loss, a broken family, and the inability to get certain jobs in future. It is imperative to immediately hire a DUI lawyer, like those at Cohen Law Offices LLC, for drunk driving defense. But can you hope to escape the charges even when there is a witness to your indiscretion?

  • Tips For Building A Solid DUI Defense

    4 October 2017

    If you've recently been charged with a DUI after taking and failing a breathalyzer, it's important that you understand the things that can directly affect those results. There are many factors that can contribute to the accuracy or inaccuracy of a breath test, and sometimes your best defense lies in understanding those vulnerabilities. If any of them could apply in your case, your DUI attorney should be made aware right away so that he or she can help you defend yourself in court.

  • Why DUI Restitution Can Drive You Crazy

    12 July 2017

    If you are convicted of a driving under the influence (DUI) accident that caused injury or property damage, you will be required to compensate the victim for their losses. This is understandable since nobody should suffer due to another person's negligence. The problem is that the determination of DUI restitution is usually a lopsided affair, as the four points below will show: Your Coverage May Not Be Enough Your insurance coverage isn't a factor in calculating the amount you are supposed to give the victim of your crime.

  • Facing A False DUI? Three Medical Conditions That May Explain Your Situation

    6 June 2017

    If you were charged with a DUI, but know for certain that you were not drinking that day or that you didn't drink nearly enough to be legally drunk, a medical condition may be behind your false positive on the breathalyzer test. You should explore with your doctor and see if you have any of the medical conditions listed below that could explain why you had a false positive on a breathalyzer test.

  • 3 Things To Do After You Are Charged With A DUI

    14 April 2017

    If you have been charged with a DUI, here are three things that you should do in order to protect yourself and to hopefully reduce your charges, especially if you feel that the charges were wrong. #1 Hire An Attorney The first thing that you need to do is hire an attorney from a law firm like Boehmer Law to represent you. You don't want to delay action on this step. An attorney can help you fight back against your charges and gather evidence that will be crucial to your case.

  • Things To Consider When You Get A DWI

    22 March 2017

    Driving while intoxicated, DWI,  is a serious offense and can affect your life and other's lives. If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, you have made a big mistake, and you do not want to pay for that mistake for the rest of you life. The consequences for a DWI are usually getting your license suspended, jail time, and hefty fines.  In order to get the help that may reduce these consequences, you are going to want to have legal representation.

  • Ways To Recover After A Less Than Memorable Vacation

    8 March 2017

    You make plans to secure reservations at the hotel of your choice, purchase airline tickets, and talk to your employer about taking off for work many months in advance of going on what should be a relaxing vacation. What gets most people through the long lines at the airport is the belief that they will be able to check into their hotel rooms without incident. Until you unlock the room to your hotel suite, you may have no idea that your dreams of having a wonderful vacation are about to get terribly complicated.

  • Should You Accept a Diversion Program If You Are Innocent?

    5 October 2016

    When the police have good reason to believe a person committed a crime, they have the right to arrest the person. This person will have to appear before the local court and may have to go through a trial for the alleged crime. If this recently happened to you for a crime you did not even commit, you may wonder how you should go about handling this situation, especially if the court wants to offer you a diversion program for the crime.