Negotiating Plea Deals

The Journey From Abuse To Freedom

by Flenn Lane

Domestic violence directly affects those in a committed relationship with an abuser, plus can have a serious impact on children and other family members who are tied to the victim. There are occasions when an attorney will become involved in a domestic matter. This person can be a great support to a victim, plus will ensure that a victim receives the justice and peace of mind they deserve.

Breaking The Cycle Of Abuse

A victim may be verbally and physically assaulted and not recognize that domestic violence is the cause for this type of treatment. A victim may endure many violent episodes before they seek help with their situation. Some victims may reach out to a shelter or another entity that provides support to those who are living in a domestically violent situation. 

Separating oneself from a perpetrator can have a positive impact on a victim. Advocates who provide services to those who are living with an abuser may refer a client to a lawyer who specializes in representing those who have been negatively impacted by a domestic violent situation.

Receiving The Representation That Is Deserved

Someone who has lived the role of a victim may be apprehensive about speaking their feelings or confiding closely with others. Domestic violence can be scary, especially if an innocent person was wrongfully treated for a long time. A domestic violence attorney who represents a victim will help substantiate a case against an abuser.

A person who is accused of abusing someone will have the opportunity to seek representation. A criminal attorney who works on the defense side will consult with the attorney who represents the victim. An agreement may be made between the two attorneys, which will ensure that the domestic violence offender receives a punishment that is fair. A violent offender may have grown up in an unhealthy atmosphere or may have a chemical imbalance that has triggered them to act out in a violent manner.

Remedying a domestic violence situation usually involves providing both the victim and the abuser with services that will help them overcome the negative circumstances that initiated the violent situation, to begin with. An attorney who represents a victim will make sure that the client is comfortable with every aspect associated with a legal case. A victim may need to attend a court hearing, but will not be pressured to verbalize anything that they are not comfortable elaborating on in court.

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