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3 Serious Mistakes That Can Make You Face Severe Consequences For Drug Possession

by Flenn Lane

Many people panic when law enforcers arrest them for possession of drugs. As a result, they make poor decisions that jeopardize their cases. This mostly happens because they say or do something that makes them appear guilty. Note that if you do this, you may get lengthy jail sentences or huge fines when you appear in court. As such, the best way to avoid such consequences is by contacting a legal advisor immediately after the police arrest you. They will advise you on the measures to take to ensure you don't complicate your case. Your attorney will particularly caution you against making the following mistakes that can make you face severe consequences.

Speaking to Investigators before Contacting an Attorney

Speaking to investigators before contacting an attorney is a costly mistake that can worsen your situation. This is because you might self-incriminate by sharing information that might make you appear guilty. As a result, the police may use your statement as evidence in your case. In the end, you may get a punishment that can significantly impact your life. Therefore, you should only discuss your case with the police when your attorney is present. This way, you will know the questions to answer and the information to withhold so that you don't jeopardize your case.

Consenting to a Search

The police have a right to search your house or vehicle if they suspect that you're hiding drugs. However, they must follow the law when doing so. Note that this includes producing a warrant showing that they have legal permission to search you. So, if the law enforcers ask to access your vehicle or property without a warrant, you should not permit them. This is because it might be difficult to challenge any evidence they might get. Therefore, if law enforcers insist on searching your car or home without a permit, contact your lawyer immediately. They will ensure that the officers are fair if you consent to a search.

Making Unnecessary Admissions

You should also know that you might face additional charges if you don't cooperate with the police. However, this does not mean you should answer every question the officers ask. If you do this, you might make unnecessary and incriminating admissions that may weaken your defense. As such, always consult your legal advisor before sharing information to avoid such a situation. You can even tell investigators that you don't have answers to their questions and prefer waiting for your lawyer.

If the police arrest you on suspicion of drug possession, don't make the above costly mistakes. Note that it might be challenging to beat your charges and avoid getting a harsh judgment if you do. The best way to avoid these errors is by hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you during questioning and other legal proceedings. For more information, contact a criminal defense attorney near you.