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First DUI Charge? 5 Reasons To Aggressively Defend Yourself Now

by Flenn Lane

Every American has the right to defend themselves against criminal charges. But when it's your first DUI charge, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, or scared. You may wonder if it's worth fighting this charge aggressively. 

In fact, defending yourself against such a charge could be of vital importance, even if it's the first and penalties are relatively light. Why? Here are a few of the most important reasons. 

1. Penalties Add Up. A single DUI conviction is not good, but its effects add up only later. There will never be a first felony conviction again. Charges for any future problems will be higher and higher, starting now. However, if you can reset the clock, as it were, you buy yourself a second chance. 

2. Each State Is Different. States handle DUI laws differently. If you live in a state which doesn't issue points against driver licenses or has no 'three strikes' laws, this conviction may not create as many future consequences. But what if you move to one which does? This conviction may count against you in unexpected ways. 

3. You Deserve Justice. Did you know that roadside sobriety tests, probable cause for traffic stops, and breathalyzer tests could be wrong? If you honestly believe that you were not impaired — or worse, if you had not ingested anything you're accused of — you deserve the peace of mind that comes from fighting against injustice. 

4. Your Job Is Affected. Think about the consequences to your employment both now and later. You might lose your license and have trouble getting to work. You may need time off to do community service or even be ordered to jail. And in the future, the conviction could bar you from certain types of jobs or prevent you from being given due consideration for good jobs of all sorts. 

5. It's a Precedent. If you have reason to believe that some element of your DUI arrest was unjust, this isn't just about you anymore. It's also about others who may suffer the same unjust acts. Criminal law is designed to protect society from wrongdoers — but you may be able to help protect it from unlawful actions by law enforcement and prosecutors. 

Where to Start

Find out more about the consequences of a DUI conviction so you can make an informed decision about how to defend yourself. Meet with a criminal defense attorney in your state today to get started.