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Important Reasons To Hire A Local Attorney To Take Your Case

by Flenn Lane

When you are facing criminal charges in court, you have the constitutional right to retain legal counsel to represent you. You technically can hire any lawyer from anywhere in the state to argue for you in court.

However, a lawyer who practices in another city or county may not have the skills and knowledge that you need to win the court's favor. Instead, you might better your chances of being found not guilty by hiring a local attorney to take your case.

Familiarity With Court Staff

A local attorney may have more familiarity with the local court's staff than a lawyer who practices in another county or city. This familiarity can work to your advantage because your local attorney will know to what clerks to send your paperwork and how to tailor your arguments based on the judge assigned to your case.

A local attorney also may have argued numerous times in the actual courtroom where your case will be heard. This familiarity with the courtroom setting can make them more comfortable when presenting your case to the judge or jury. Their confidence and comfort can in turn make you more at ease while you are in court defending yourself.

Knowledge of Local Mandates

A local attorney will also know what local mandates apply to your case. Knowledge of these laws allows your attorney to tailor your defense to them and also use those mandates to your advantage in court.

If you were to hire an out-of-town lawyer, chances are that they might have to research these laws and find out how they apply to your case. This lawyer may also lack the experience in using those mandates to a client's advantage and may jeopardize the outcome of your case because of their lack of experience with them.

Relationship With Law Enforcement

Finally, a local attorney might have a working relationship with law enforcement in the city or county where you are charged. This relationship allows your attorney to know to whom you should post bail and whom they should address questions or concerns about your arrest.

A local attorney can provide important benefits to your case. They may be familiar with the city or county's court staff.  Your lawyer will also know what the local laws are and may have working relationships with local law enforcement. 

Get in touch with a local attorney to start getting help with your case.