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When Telemarketers Are Fraudsters: What To Do Next

by Flenn Lane

Telemarketers call at the most inconvenient times, assail you with some prize you have supposedly won or some product you "simply must try/have," and then do not leave you alone until you throw money at them to make them go away. Unfortunately, the marketing tactics of telemarketers are exactly what makes them the perfect copy for scam artists. Scam artists will call you, announce that they are marketing for this or that, and then try to convince you to buy or take advantage of something until you give them money by some means. Once these fraudsters peg you for a gullible "mark," they will keep calling to get more money from you. If you made the mistake of giving a supposed telemarketer something and now you are deprived of cash and stressed out, here is what you do next.

Get as Much Information About the "Company" as You Can

When these crooks call again, ask them lots of questions about their company. A lot of actual telemarketers for legitimate companies and businesses will have answers to most of your questions because they are working inside the walls of the company/business. Fake telemarketers will know nothing because they are working off of a script in some undisclosed place.

Ergo, they will either pretend to get answers for you, or they will make up answers on the spot. Still, you should try to get as much information about their company or business as you can because it may be able to lead the police in the right direction. Also, be sure to write down the telephone number they used to call you. The police can call that number back and ask to speak to a "sales representative" with questions regarding the products or services sold. 

File a Police Report

File a police report on the fraud you suspect has been committed or on the fraud that was definitely committed. The police will conduct an investigation. Then get copies of those reports to retain for later.

When Fraudsters Have Been Arrested

When the fake telemarketers have been found, arrested, and charged, the police should let you know. Ask for copies of their reports on your case. Give these reports to your telemarketing fraud attorney, and then file a case against those who annoyed you and took your money. Your fraud lawyer will then begin to pursue a lawsuit against the arrested fraudsters. 

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