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Tips When Facing A DUI Charge

by Flenn Lane

Drinking and driving cases are never a positive thing for anyone involved. When you get arrested for these cases, you might feel a lot of pressure on you, since you will need to now put together a criminal defense case. In the immediacy following a DUI arrest, you need to take some key steps in the right direction. The tips below will be useful to you as you look to make sense of it all. 

Give yourself help to sober up if you don't think the charges were wrongful -- then dig in and prepare for the legal journey

Though no two DUI cases are exactly alike on a specific level, on a general level, there are two types of defendants -- those that feel wrongfully charged, and those seeking leniency and a chance to correct their mistakes. If you're the latter, make sure that your first step is to get help with any alcohol issues that you might have. 

Getting counseling can help you make sense of an alcohol problem. You might seek full-fledged treatment, which could include detox, yoga that enhances your mind-body awareness, and a 12-step program to kick the habit. 

If you feel wrongfully charged, you'll need to be just as vigilant about hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Choosing the right one will help you get all the best resources for winning your case. Whether this means getting the charges booted altogether, or having them downgraded, it all starts by bringing a quality DUI lawyer on board. This may also mean finding references and scheduling several appointments before you decide which lawyer is best. 

Know the seriousness of your charges, but don't let it cause panic

Once your lawyer takes your cases, they will most likely advise you to take a step back and leave the legal aspect to them. You taking time away to clear your mind and fix the personal matters in your life will make sure you are better able to address the legal issues when it's time. 

This is no small matter, since DUI cases often bring stiff punishments that could mean a year in jail or more. With that said, if it's your first DUI and you otherwise have a clean record, you have a lot more wiggle room to get leniency or defend your case. You won't know what the aftermath is until you and your lawyer piece together the case, so stay as calm as you can and keep an open mind for the time being. 

These tips will help you get the most out of your DUI defense. For more information, contact a law office like Daniels Long & Pinsel