Negotiating Plea Deals

Things To Consider When You Get A DWI

by Flenn Lane

Driving while intoxicated, DWI,  is a serious offense and can affect your life and other's lives. If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, you have made a big mistake, and you do not want to pay for that mistake for the rest of you life. The consequences for a DWI are usually getting your license suspended, jail time, and hefty fines.  In order to get the help that may reduce these consequences, you are going to want to have legal representation. You will want to get a qualified DWI attorney to represent you in the court. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you hire a DWI attorney.

Role Of An Attorney

Some people will say that it is to late to fight a DWI if you have already received one, but this is simply not true. The consequences mentioned above are serious and without the proper representation, you may get the full wrath of the law. The role of a DWI attorney is going to be to lessen the verdict, or to get the charges dismissed altogether. These lawyers have had extensive training in the drinking laws, and will be able to provide you with the proper representation. 

Tell Your Attorney This

You are going to meet with your attorney, and there are going to be a few things that you most definitely want to tell them. The first thing that you should tell the lawyer is your past criminal history if applicable. The prosecuting attorney is most likely going to try and use any past criminal offenses against you. If your attorney knows what these other offenses are, they will be able to create a strategy and a plan to combat this. You are also going to want to tell your lawyer what your profession is. Having a DWI can have a huge impact on your career, and in many cases could get you fired. You want to make sure that the attorney knows what you do for a living so they strategize on how to protect your rights as a provider. 

Get The Very Best

If you are going to bargain shop, you may just end up getting a bad deal. You are going to want to go with a lawyer or a law firm that has a very long history of protecting the rights of those with a DWI. This is one time in your life not to cut corners. Your very future may depend on the outcome of the case.