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Ways To Recover After A Less Than Memorable Vacation

by Flenn Lane

You make plans to secure reservations at the hotel of your choice, purchase airline tickets, and talk to your employer about taking off for work many months in advance of going on what should be a relaxing vacation. What gets most people through the long lines at the airport is the belief that they will be able to check into their hotel rooms without incident. Until you unlock the room to your hotel suite, you may have no idea that your dreams of having a wonderful vacation are about to get terribly complicated.

When Discounts Are Not Enough

In the hospitality industry, overbooking happens so regularly that many concierge service professionals are simply not able to accommodate each and every guest. You may be offered a discount on future hotel stays, but that doesn't help when the room you are currently checked into doesn't meet your standards. Guests with complaints about their rooms being unsanitary, lacking hot water and properly functioning electricity, or just not living up to descriptions made by the hotel often go through hospitality litigation in order to gain appropriate compensation.

Since many people pay for hotel rooms with credit cards well in advance of their plans to go on vacation, recouping their funds can be difficult as credit card dispute guidelines require consumers to initiate disputes within 60 days of billing. For a single person who has planned a luxury vacation in an overseas hotel or a family that has spend its savings to stay at a resort, issues with hotel accommodations and billing can be emotionally alarming. If hospitality litigation is required, it is suggested that you print all of your reservation confirmations, as your attorney will need to prove that you did not receive that you paid for in advance.

Even if your vacation doesn't turn out ideally, going through hospitality litigation can help you get the money that you are rightfully entitled. As you will likely want to stay at a different hotel, your experience with hospitality litigation will help you to vet accommodations and pay for your hotel room so that your stay falls within your credit card company's dispute time period. With the assistance of an attorney, your next vacation experience will be one that you don't ever want to end. So don't let one frustrating vacation stop you from recouping your funds spent and making a legal claim against the hospitality company that caused your stay to be less than exceptional.

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