Negotiating Plea Deals

Why It Is Always Best To Get An Attorney After A DUI

by Flenn Lane

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is important that you learn from yours, but you also do not want to be saddled with an unnecessary punishment. Going through the courts and legal system on your own is a minefield, especially if this is your first ever interaction with the law. Choosing which offers to believe and who to trust can be hard when all of them work there together and use technical language. That is why having someone you can trust completely on your side is vital, so here are three reasons why you should always hire a DUI attorney.

Reducing Compound Charges

Often when someone gets arrested for DUI there are a whole host of other charges that get attached to the case as well. Many of these might not even specifically apply to you, which is why it is prudent to get a professional who can recognize poor charges when they see them. Not only can this save you a lot of money, but it can potentially save you some jail time and trouble down the road if you happen to run into legal issues again. Don't let these charges stick without first consulting an attorney, specifically a DUI attorney.

Understanding How To Argue In Court

While you can represent yourself, when faced with such serious charges this is not a good idea. There are a lot of protocols that you need to follow, and you can get your arguments thrown out simply by not understanding how to phrase them properly. Sometimes even people who are genuinely innocent get convicted because they didn't know what to do or say to convey this to the judge. A DUI attorney has seen it all before and knows exactly what to say, so let them do the talking for you and get your points across.

Filing Paperwork

In addition to simply appearing on your behalf, an attorney can also file paperwork and complete all the legal administration that you would otherwise have to do. While it may not seem important, this can actually amount to a lot of saved time on your behalf, as well as perhaps help in the courtroom. Being prepared is your best way to present a good case to reduce your sentence, and a lawyer is the only avenue most people have to get some real, concrete advice. If you can afford a DUI attorney, and most people can, then you simply have to hire them to give yourself the best possible chance. Contact someone like Daniels Long & Pinsel to discuss your case.